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BLUE MOON conjunct SATURN August 30, 2023 - What does it mean? ASTROLOGY PREDICTIONS

Astrology glyphs for The Moon, Saturn, and Conjunction in a full rainbow spectrum to introduce the blog Blue Moon conjunct Saturn Astrology Predictions
Moon conjunct Saturn zodiac glyphs - Blue Moon Astrology predictions


On August 30th, 2023 around 9:30 p.m. EST a SUPER MOON - a full moon that appears extra large in the sky because of it's proximity to Earth - will occur. This moon also boasts the title "Blue-moon" because it is the second Full Moon to occur within the same month, in this case August (we had another full moon on August 1st). Blue moons are lovely occurrences that make us feel particularly special until we realize that full moons occur according to nature and blue moons occur when nature and our man-made calendar align in a harmonious way. Still, it's nice to celebrate. (Though because we are currently in Virgo season, with both Mars and Mercury in Virgo as I type this, I feel compelled to point out that if we'd invent a calendar that was more accurate in its alignment to nature, Blue Moons would not exist. So there is a lovely bit of frivolity in celebrating it. Almost like celebrating our own imperfections. How wonderfully appropriate for this Full Moon.

The Moon and Saturn are archetypes. They represent the two main phases of a human's life -

childhood (the moon) and Adulthood (Saturn).

The moon rules emotions, family, the divine mother - maternal energy - the divine portal through which souls travel to get to Earth. The pathway where the intangible becomes tangible. It rules our psyche, water, memory, and illusions. It is the access route between the dream realm - that which isn't real - and the Earthly realm - that which is real. (It's only fair to note that just because something isn't real doesn't mean it isn't true. Reality is defined by what we can quantify with our five senses. Truth is more than that. Which is why reality keeps changing and expanding. Those glorious moments when humans access TRUTH are moments when our reality EXPANDS).

Saturn rules reality. Length, height, width, and time. The measurable, limitations, authority, rules, standards, restrictions, responsibilities, control, and containment. Reality is an important thing after all - or else why would the maker have created it? It is neither punishment or hell itself, but instead our training ground. It is where the immortal squeezes tiny pieces of itself in order to challenge its own omnipotence. So yes, reality is challenging and its rules very difficult to deal with. But that's the point. The difficulty itself is why it's so important.

This Full, Super, Blue-moon occurs in Pisces - the realm of mysteries. The actual area of non-reality inside us all, that we all access all the time - and if we don't we die. The realm of dreams. Because even though dreams are absolutely not real they are always truth. And so the immortal inside of the meat suit can replenish itself daily - reminding itself of its connection to the oneness and its duties in reality.

Saturn in Pisces is an attempt at making sense out of what is supposed to be mysterious. It's a frustrating period of disillusionment, with the potential for ultimate recreation. Because Pisces isn't real. And Saturn insists on making everything real. So Saturn in Pisces has no choice but to take dreams and turn them into reality. These next 2.8 years have the potential to manifest amazing newness into the realm of reality. If we're capable of allowing it.

This Full, Super, Blue-moon occurs at 7 degrees Pisces (Because Full moons only happen when the moon is in direct opposition to the Sun. Our Sun is currently in Virgo and when the moon and sun perfectly oppose each other the sun will be at 7 degrees Virgo). Virgo is a very different energy then Pisces (complete opposite to be exact). If Pisces said "Because I believe it, I shall see it" Then Virgo responds "I won't believe it until I see it". Where Pisces deals in the infinitely possible, Virgo deals on with what already is - in particular, how to use it, organize it, care for it, and grow it. Pisces is the dream, and Virgo is the distribution system.

The Moon conjunct Saturn is rough. The moon wants to feel and expand, Saturn wants to reason and restrict. It represents a coming of age of sorts. An energy where you have to start rationalizing your emotions, which also means realizing some of them are getting in your way. It's a tremendously tense energy and you can all expect high levels of frustration, anxiety, and to some level, discouragement. But this is a Full moon after all, and that means it's time to release all these feelings of restriction, denial, and also delusion, and distraction. It serves as the bridge between childhood and adulthood where we're forced to leave behind what hinders us in order to give our full attention to what is really important to us.

It will also provides a relief valve for any obligations you've carried from your parents version of who they think you should be. Of course that also means it's now your responsibility to show the world who you are. NOT to TELL them who you are mind you, BUT SHOW THEM. That means you have to be ready for the responsibility of independence. Which comes with a whole new set of limitations - but only until you can figure out the solution to those limitations. You're going to have to work, but it will be worth it. That's how reality is. And why we can never sever ourselves from our dreams.


Those of you with Pisces birthdays between February 23 - 28, because your natal suns are conjunct both Saturn and the Full moon, will feel the most anxiety and pressure to rationalize your emotions, and therefore the most relief and resolution around the circumstances causing these feelings.

Those of you with Virgo birthdays between August 26 and Sept. 2 will likely experience most intense family power struggles. The emotions will vomit from all directions and make a much needed mess out of things so you can finally start to clean the sick up and move on.

For those of you born between May 26 and June 1 (Gemini), and November 26 and Dec. 1 (Sagittarius), It will provide wonderful opportunities for you to bring balance back to a situation that was threatening an opportunity or partnership you held deal.

It's a wonderful time for all of us to deal with power struggles by realizing this - if you don't want to be controlled by others, you must take control over yourself. And if you want others to honor your autonomy, you must have integrity enough to deserve it.

If you'd like the full scoop on your personal astrology for the week, check out my YouTube Channel Astrology Motivation for your week-ahead astrology forecasts.

Much love to you. And enjoy this beautiful Full Moon.


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