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BREAKING POINT! Weekly Astrology Forecast April 3rd - April 9th

Confidence in the future is high, as well as in our ability to achieve it. We have a surge of energy from the past to help us see our way into the future, helping us to keep moving forward. It’s like we’re finally giving ourselves credit for how far we’ve come. MERCURY IS NOW IN ARIES SO HOLY SHIT! It’s like somebody turned on the turbo button. Ready or not progress is happening and information is coming in. So are new ideas! This will be the time when where we come from will inform our future, helping us to see how NEW directions and people are better than what we had prescribed for our selves years ago. It’s the time to turn the heat on.


MANTRA: I AM READY, LORD YES I AM! For the blessings you made for me, take my hand and lead the way!

We’ll be changing directions or at least we’ll finally see clearly the path we were really on. Maybe we thought we were headed toward one thing because that’s what we needed to think to take us where we were supposed to go. That’s perfect. It means we have left room for faith to guide us. As long as we’ve stayed in forward motion we’ve been on the right path. While the moon is in Capricorn we might fall back on some old pleasures to comfort us on our send off toward the future. Expect attraction to indulgences and revelations on how those indulgences are really impacting your life. Take stock and change what is not good for you. Jupiter is providing a beautiful push for the North Node energy. Some excellent luck will come for direction into our future. This combined with the energy that Mercury gets from Aries, information will come in that helps us lay ground or break ground for our ambitions.


The Moon heads into Aquarius so we will be super sensitive to the needs of the many and social issues. We’ll also feel the need to make change. Ironically this squares Uranus in Taurus which is also squaring Saturn, so though we may be ready for a change the world around may not have caught up yet. That is why the opportunities coming our way may be like GPS rerouting us through traffic jams. It’s still directing us toward our True North and opening up opportunities but they may feel like side stepping. But that’s fine. Because sometimes the straight path isn’t available. It doesn’t mean we aren’t going to get there. With Mercury and Venus in Aries our communications and insights into Love and Money will get a boost in energy. It will be difficult for us to be flexible now. We’ve already lit the rocket fuel and can’t be stopped. But that is true for other too! Passions are extremely high and we could get serious push back from opposing ideals.

MANTRA: BREATH AND COUNT TO TEN TO HELP CLEAR YOUR MIND BEFORE SAYING: Thank you Angles for being my guidance system. I arrive with confidence and competence prepared for my abundance


We’re ready to cut emotional ties today because what we used to believe has changed and we no longer feel any loyalty to it. In fact we may be completely opposed to it. We MUST BE AWARE OF OURSELVES RIGHT NOW! Mars is squaring Neptune and we could rush at shadows or be influenced by delusions. If we are aware of this energy it could usher us to breakthroughs. Stop and think things through and only act upon things that you fully understand. Don’t jump on a cause you know nothing about or jump down someone’s throat about a cause you know a lot about. It’s best to be reflective today. Also, don’t jump on any mew information without fully researching it.

MANTRA: ANGELS, stay my hand, Adding wisdom to my heart before fueling actions.

NOT a great day to pick up an opportunity. Take a day to think it through.


BIG DECISIONS IN LOVE TODAY, but not necessarily the wisest. In fact we could be backed into a corner by someone else’s passion if we are not certain of where we stand and certain we have a right to stand there. Self worth must be on point today. For those of you with mega confidence, watch out for backing people into corners least you become the new owner of a rabid dog. Really think, do I REALLY WANT THIS or do I just need it feel better right now. We might tend to want to spend too much money as we feel SO confident because of Venus’ aspect to Jupiter and Mars. Reining ourselves in will be difficult now, but it is best. Collect information and plot your strath for the future. This is a good time to start a retirement plan or 401k.

MANTRA: I am wise and I have time. My pace is my own and I travel my path in wonder.


This is probably the toughest of all days this week because now the moon in Pisces squares the nodes. This aspect creates tension and dissatisfaction is profound. With Venus squaring Pluto we could be deeply insecure which could inspire us to plunge toward something that isn’t in our best interest. This is not a good day to make decisions or get involved with new things. In fact I’d take the day off and read a favorite book. This is the day that any insecurities will rise up and it could easily tear apart unstable relationships. It could also reveal the instability in relationships we thought we stable. NOT A GOOD DAY TO START A LOVE AFFAIR as we will pick with our fears not our sense.



Okay this is much more stable day. Are minds clear because of Mercury aspect to Saturn and the south node we are able to find a compromise or make a decision that may have been out on hold for a while. This would be the day we find a way to resume an old project that got out I hold. A much better day to work on relationships of all kinds as our hearts and minds are settled and clear. Different parts of our communities may officially open now after closing for the past year

MANTRA: I see, I understand, I realize. Conclusions are within my reach and I release the past with gratitude


Unexpected breakthroughs delivered by our friends or colleagues. It’s a lucky turn that we passed over, but when it’s delivered by someone we trust we are more likely to look it over. This is a strike of luck because it takes a lot to get our attention right now as we’re so intent on our own ideas. The universe wants us to do well and fulfill our destiny but we missed something that was essential. We’ve done well but will be glad for the assist from the universe. This is the Devine assist that makes our home run a grand slam for the history books.

MANTRA: I love you and know you love me. Thank you for showing me what I did not see


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