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Weekly Astrology Forecast March 21- 27, 2021

Saturn has become clever realizing that he has to be much more subtle in his interference. Expect self sabotage to make sense right now, as if you’re doing it for great reasons. That’s not true but that’s how we’ll all believe it to be. Insisting, picking fights, clashing with others, rushing in to situations because we believe we’ve run out of time or we have to get things do NOW. None of this is true, but the levels of anxiety are high now. With the sun in Aries, squaring the moon in Cancer, we are meant to have our patience and faith challenged, as well as how our feeling may be clashing with our life’s purpose. The phrase for this week is SELF SABOTAGE


Interesting aspects in the sky, making Ali’s out of the strangest folk. Saturn is receiving huge assists from Chiron as well as Pluto who is pushing us to act in haste. This is certainly what Saturn wants to make our good intentions look bad because of how desperate and aggressive we’ve allowed ourselves to be. It will be difficult to control your temper and your anxiety now. Meditation is recommended along with any other activities that bring you peace and help you to love trust the world again


Over thinking is the name of the game today Be aware of how you are taking yourself out of opportunities because your mind is creating challenges for you! Thinking so much that you aren’t really thinking things through. Confrontation can arise here as well. COUNT TO TEN and love hard today to counter balance this energy. Remember the humanity in EVERYONE!


This is the day our pride will ruin us. The need for attention is so intense now we may grab it at the cost of even making sense. What if they don’t notice us? What if they don’t call? What if we’re left behind. These are all Saturns vehicles for self sabotage today. Be aware. The world is still moving at the same pace it always was. Just because our heart is racing doesn’t mean the world is. A racing heart is out of sync with the universe now. It has to hear the cadence beneath the chaos and align with its steady beat.


Grand fire trine in the sky between sun in Aries Moon in Leo and South Node in Sagittarius. Our pride and emotion may push us into our comfort zones, intensifying our need for them. Aspects of ourselves that we thought we’d concurred can tear up today. It’s to humble us. Forcing us to see the humanity in ourselves so we can remember to see it in others. Our brains will unfortunately favor our emotions now finding ways to rationalize their fire. We want to move forward so bad that we’re trying to use old techniques to push us along. Beware of over reacting and seeing too much of the past in the current situation. It really is different. You’ve got this.


The past will find you today, for better or worse but you have the strength to see it through. Repeat after me:

I have the strength to see my past, own my past and take responsibility for it.

Spirit loves me unconditionally and is supportive of my process. I am believed in. I am encouraged. I am loved.

Repeat as often as needed today. Draw that strength up from deep inside and connect it with your current place in time.


Well, it’s time to grow up. And Papa Saturn is sending some tough love. Expect today to be emotionally challenging, setting you up to learn some difficult lessons you skipped from your past. There is a square in the sky between all the mutables now, the eldest of their elements, insisting that we mature here and now. Something comes up that you should have addressed years ago. News that could feel oppressive, but it’s out in the open now and we have the energy to handle it head in. Little did the universe know that this is the news we wanted. Our anxiety was about the not knowing, and now that we do we can handle it. This is when you realize you’ve changed and that in fact history is NOT repeating itself, because you’re not who you used to be. There have been some giants that have gotten comfortable in their supremacy. This is when new alternatives arise.


Something is shooting itself through time back at us from the past. It could be opportunities or ideals that we thought we’d left behind but we discover them again because they help us handle a situation presenting itself to us. It’s time to assume your full self, including pierces of you you left along the way. These unexpected run ins prepare us for our future and could set up some to finally find the way through they’ve been looking for in career or the life you’ve always wanted to build. Be prepared to be an outsider now, or stand out from the crowd because of your insights. If this has been happenin


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