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Let's talk about this Full Moon in Taurus on October 28th, 2023

Let's talk about this full moon in Taurus on October 28th, 2023. It's bringing a lot of energy beyond the release we experience each full moon. In fact, it may be quite explosive. Jupiter is loosely conjunct to the moon while it's at its fullest at 5 degrees Taurus. Simultaneously the sun in Scorpio is conjunct both Mars and Mercury setting the scene for confrontations of emotions and information that has been buried for a long time. Scorpio energy is intense because it's so compounded. It's where we choose to hide the dark things we do, think, say, and feel so that we can escape them, pretending they never happened. It's the world of secrets, for better or worse. Because it is also the place we hide things to protect them. Precious gems and metals are found far beneath the surface, buried in the Scorpio realm of hidden treasures.

Moon astrology symbol shaped a waxing crescent moon, in full rainbow spectrum of born without boundaries tarot brand
Moon astrology symbol

Whatever is unveiled on this full moon you can expect that its been under a lot of pressure for a lot of time and that when it is revealed it will carry great value with it. How that value is used and who it is use by is still to be told but the fact that Neptune and Venus are in opposition at the same time - with Venus trine to both Pluto and Uranus - It is our value systems, and perhaps deceptive value (things not being worth what we were told) could come to light when those things that are of real value are finally exposed. A sequin only shines brightly until a diamond is place next to it. Then the quality differences are painfully obvious. This full moon in Taurus with sun in Scorpio is playing heavily on hidden value being revealed and fake value being exposed. And it's going to be explosive.

Astrology symbol for Taurus, roughly shaped like the head and horns of a bull, in full rainbow spectrum of Born without Boundaries Brand
Taurus astrology symbol

For Taurus's born between April 28 - May 2 this will be particularly powerful because the moon will be conjunct your natal suns. It's a time when you will become certain of what yourself, and your personal direction. It's a fantastic time to take risks in the ways, and experiences in which you've deprived yourself. You have most likely felt the build up for a while and whatever you release during this time is necessary purge to clear the way for better days. It will help to rebalance you not only externally but internally as well. Self acceptance is key during this time.

For Scorpios this is exceptional energy of truth telling and revelations. Especially if your birthday falls between October 28 - November 3, this will be a powerful time of recognition and mental clarity for you where you are more likely to WANT to be seen and heard - when. you'll be ready to confront issues and reveal what you finally understand. Your natal suns are conjunct the current sun, mercury, and mars during this full moon so you'll be infused with a confidence and mental acuity that is normally reserved for your intuition. This weekend you'll be happy to make the first move and confident in your knowledge of things.

Both Leo and Aquarius born July 28 - August 3 or January 28 - February 3 will be impacted profoundly as well. This full moon and Scorpio sun will square your natal suns forcing you remember your standards and challenging you to stand by them. This could play out in areas of public perception and reputation Leo and Aquarius, forcing you to choose between what you know is right and what will get you the most attention.

If you are a Cancer born between June 28 - July 3 or a Pisces born between February 27 - Mar 3, this should open up beautiful opportunities for you that realign your value system - what you consider attractive or valuable - as well as bring balance to how you have been valued by others. This is a great weekend for you to be open and forthright about what you really want and how much it means to you. Your openness will open doors for you.


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