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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra October 14, 2023

Let me get to the point - This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra October 14, 2023 will impact Libras the most. Libras, this New Moon Solar Eclipse is for you. But it won't only be Libras impacted by its energy and inspired by the change it will catalyze. When can we expect this change? What will those changes be? And who else is this beautiful solar event impacting? Keep reading.

The New Moon - Solar Eclipse occurs at 21 degrees Libra, conjunct to the South Node at 24 degrees Libra, square to Pluto at 27 degrees Capricorn, and opposite Chiron at 17 degrees Aries and the North Node at 24 degrees Aries. So - it's big. Pluto alone makes everything more extreme, but when you also consider that in this New Moon - Solar Eclipse is additionally (loosely) conjunct to Mars at 1 degree Scorpio, and Trine to Saturn at 0 degrees Pisces - My God, This is HUGE!


Astrology chart showing all aspects to the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra on October 14 2023
Astrology chart for the New Moon Solar Eclipse

That's what this New Moon - Solar Eclipse will bring. But when will this change happen?

All of a sudden on the 14th of October 2023 POOF! Like magic, it all changes right?


Not at all.

This will be Cathartic and permanent change, even extreme change, but Oct 14th is just the beginning of this process - the catalyst if you will. The cycle will continue through the corresponding Full Moon in Libra on March 25th, 2024 at 5 degree Libra, Trine to Pluto at 1 degree Aquarius.

The energy on the 14th of October is major so (especially Libras) will feel this shift immediately, but the actualization of what this New Moon brings won't be complete until then.

Libras born between the 11th and 16th of October are going to be most profoundly impacted. This event sits (conjuncts) right on top of their natal suns. For you all, it will catalyze a change in perspective, passion, and life purpose. How you see yourself and what you see as your purpose in life will shift dramatically. It will happen through the confrontation of a past event that created a great deal of suffering for you - most likely through an attack or injury that occurred with or because of a relationship you were in. Dominance and aggression (Mars square Pluto) was involved. It's a time to become aware of just how profoundly it impacted you. The South Node is for the most part working subconsciously or subversively (beneath the surface). So what ever was hidden is revealed. That is where your new chance/opportunity comes from. It will take all your courage and all your strength, but you've earned this Libras. This is when your life changes for good (and most likely for the better ;).

The other Cardinal signs are experiencing intense impact as well - Cancer and Capricorn (Primarily third decans - 12th - 22nd birthdays for both) are square to this Eclipse meaning energy has to be released through direct confrontation of events from the past. It will be challenging, but the resulting release will make it all worth it. Pluto's conjunction to Capricorn threes and opposition to Cancer threes will certainly make this a metamorphic and permanent change of self.

Aries whose birthdays range from the 10th - 17th are in direct opposition to the eclipse, while being conjunct to Chiron and the North Node. You will become consciously aware of what you can do from your current position in life to change your circumstances for the better. You will be driven to do this through the realization that confronting these issues helps other people to do the same. You will improve your life and the lives of others through this new step.

For the full break down of all the others signs this will impact and how (air signs - Gemini and Aquarius) please watch the embedded video.

The best views for the Eclipse in the United State of America (with appropriate eye protection please) will be San Antonio and Corpus Cristi Texas between 11:30 a.m. and 12 p.m. CDT.

Southwest Oregon, Northeast Nevada, South-central Utah (suggest Capital Reef National Park since Oct. 14th is a Saturday it may be the perfect family outing) and Northwest to Southeast New Mexico - Santa Fe included (another great spot to visit on a Saturday).

What this all means is healing - the past will come back to us during this week and demand we confront it. In a way that will be the key that opens the portal to this new beginning. There will always be unpredictable surprises - allow them. Trust them. And ask what are they trying to teach you.

As intense as this energy will be, it will ultimately bring about beautiful new possibilities. Please remember, the true beauty of Libra energy (because it is ruled by Venus, that brings aesthetic delights and monetary prosperity) is Harmony and peace (and we need the peace). Our lives are rebalancing and it's by facing our ugliest moments that we will step into a beautiful new life.


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