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Venus and Mars enter Aquarius - What does this mean for you?

The big news this week is Venus and Mars have (still in conjunction) moved into Aquarius. This certainly lightens the mood in some ways (we won’t be taking ourselves or what we want so seriously anymore - we’re out of the over achievement/ shame game mode) and we’re into a totally different pressure - what the crowd thinks. With Venus in this energy it is particularly important to realize that material goods of all types (especially luxury items like cars/houses/ etc) can be sold for MUCH MORE than what they are worth by making it a “status thing” (if everyone wants it it must be valuable). This is not necessarily true! So be thoughtful before rushing in. Don’t let the crowd dictate the value! This isn’t a popularity contest. It’s time to use your brain. In terms of love abad romance, Aquarius is focused on FRIENDSHIP - so it’s an excellent time to keep things casual and have fun! For those that are in to kink, it’s a great time to try group fun or swingers parties. But for most of us, new relationships will start casually, light, through friendship which is the foundation of long term relationships anyway (if that’s what you’re looking for). For current relationships, focus on your lover as your best friend right now. It’s time to grow the friendship aspect of your relationship. It’s also time to go out with friends again! If you’ve been all lovey-dovey and cuddly all winter, it’s time to get back to hanging with friends again ( and you’ll be okay with your partner doing the same!)

Mars in Aquarius is all about innovation. It’s exciting now to innovate and find ways to do things in unexpected ways. Thats what will get you attention! It’s also a great time to network! Build your social presence not just on social media but in the real world! Take a chance on groups! They could help you a lot right now. Mars isn’t so aggressive in Aquarius, it’s more cranial. So, it’s in the strategy of the game and not the heat of competition that you’ll win (now through April)! Your sex drive will be more casual now, you won’t feel like rushing into a relationship but instead play. If you are really into someone, you’ll be more likely to keep back away from overt romantic gestures in order to keep it casual so that you can learn more about them.

Remember, Mercury and Saturn are in Aquarius too! And they are both making squares to the nodes. The expectation then is to DO BETTER and BE SMARTER - raise your standards! And when you’re not doing this, expect to be challenged! The universe will back you into corners to make you INNOVATE your way out. It wants to expand now and the way it does this is through our human imaginations and energy! It’s not letting us out of these obligations so be proactive and get at it!

The theme now is INNOVATION and the motivation is NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION!

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