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Neptune Retrograde 2020

From June 22 to November 28th Neptune will be retrograding in Pisces, its home. What does that mean for you? Neptune is the planet of dreams, imagination, the mist and fog of an escapist continuum. We all need our dreams. They are how we cope with reality. We all need a break, a refreshing does of our own heart's ideal. Seriously, we do. Haven't you seen that Star Trek TNG episode where they can't dream and they almost kill each other. It's awesome. Check it out. But in reality, it's true. We need our REM sleep. Without it we start to psychologically break down. Too much reality isn't good for us.

That is the world of Neptune in retrograde. We need the veil of it's dreamy influence, but now, it's pulled back. Ouch.

With Neptune in Retrograde, the world of dreams dries up, the veil gets pulled back, and we get a bit too much reality. That can cause people to become very defensive. Because remember, they are used to having Neptune encourage them to believe in their dreams. They don't have that now. Any hole, lapse, or inconsistency we were medicating with our dreams is now gone. It's like running out of Dramamine on that 2 week long sailing excursion, or loosing your bottle of Valium right before you get on a 14 hour long flight. It's not that anything bad is happening to you, it's just that you don't have your dream state to help you cope with all the discomforts. And there are A LOT of discomforts floating around right now. People get defensive during Neptune Retrogrades because really, we're all dream addicts. We need them to cope, to understand reality in smaller doses. Without it, we can be down right hostile.

The sliver lining is it's just what we need during Mercury Retrograde though and the tail-end of Venus Retrograde. Because so often during these times we actually get lost in the self-deception that the Ex that's texting us really wasn't so bad. That's what our dreams tell us. They lighten the harshness of the reality we experienced with these people with the help of time and distance. We all remember people as better than they were. They become a whole new version of themselves in our minds once the reality of them stops interrupting. But not with Neptune in Retrograde. That veil has been pulled back. All their bothersome traits and disrespectful antics will be clear in your mind, and with Jupiter, the planet of possibility, also in retrograde, you'll be forced to understand why you let yourself fall for this person to begin with. This might be the only Mercury Retrograde where I would encourage you pick up that phone call ( though not if it comes in after 9 p.m. ) or respond to that text, because the reasons you two broke up will be front and center. If you use this time wisely, it would be a great time to get over them once and for all.

With Saturn heading back into Capricorn until the end of this year, we may also get out of this forced sense of social justice and find some solid ground hanging out with traditional values for just a bit longer. Not that traditional values don't have to change and aren't clearly being brought into question, but Neptune retrograding in Pisces while Saturn is in Aquarius could be a truly terrible thing. Public beheadings and accusations would fly because we wouldn't have any outlet for colossal dramas banging around in our heads besides the public square. It's so easy to turn on each other when we don't have our dream time to keep us safe. With the tensions running high in the social arena already, we should be grateful Saturn is returning to Capricorn for the last few months of the year. It could give us just the amount of stability we need to actually survive the rest of this crazy ass year.

Much love to you all!

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