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Jennifer and Selah, thank you for the love you’ve shown me and the channel with your talent and beauty. These poems are tremendous. The talent is amazing. These two women, poets, have shared their poems with me and (with their permission) I am happy to share them with you. Enjoy and happy weekend.

The quiet surrender

The quiet surrender

A morning crisp sky

freshly brewed coffee

Oh my, my mind

You drift, My gift

I’d want from you

A solid white rose

means nothing to lose

I carry away, the strength i pretend

Lean into me, Let go, I’ll mend

- Selah Terwilliger

We were orphans

We were orphans who found refuge inside of your home

Your hospitality and pureness made us feel less alone

Your vision surpasses what most of us have the ability to see

Your wisdom and knowledge by far supersede ivy league

A ruby, your soul on fire, such a bright energy

Yet, you are water, you are balance, what a perfect synergy!

Unapologetic sense of self, it's brought you so far

That’s what I love your confidence, you know who you are

They say everything happens for a reason or rhyme

So grateful we crossed paths, it was fated in time

Much obliged to you Michelle, for your time and your grace

Hallelujah, I'm finally unbound found love in your safe space - Jennifer Simpson

A stoic place

A stoic place

All night you’ll wonder A chilling space To stop and ponder Your tired eyes Remains inside A tear drop cry You’d clarify The things they could do Yet they stand here with you You’ll find that they’d fight For the four millionth time A brave on the brink With each step on the fly The fits, the risks, Each chart that spills You’ll bare, you’ll hold, you are my pill - Selah Tellwilliger

Many Paths

-Jennifer Simpson

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