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You ready for the beat-down of a lifetime? Welcome to Mars retrograde in Aries, square Saturn in Cap

We're starting off this energy with a Full moon in Pisces and wrapping it up with Venus heading into Leo, and Mars going retrograde in Aries until November. What is making this energy even tougher is that Mars is squaring Saturn in Capricorn, meaning the judges are showing up Caffeine loaded, but you're so tired you can barely roll out of bed. You're still expected to put in your best performance, but the energy is only coming in bursts and they don't last long. No matter how hard you try, this is all you've got. It's going to be a tough few months, and the beginning and ending of transits is always worst. Let's adjust our expectations. That way we negate disappointment. We know that everything is slowing down and that no matter how hard we try we'll feel like we're treading water, BUT, we have to keep trying. Saturn is watching and he's only good to the people with the integrity and grit to stick out the hard times. Let's roll up our sleeves and prepare for the beat-down of our lives! We'll be heroes by being good losers that live to see the next round. And after November, things should start looking Merry and Bright again :)

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