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All you need is LOVE - Astrology for April 18-23, 2022

SPOILER ALERT: It's self-love. This week begins with the difficult Scorpio Moon amplifying the challenging energy of Pluto square the Sun aspect we'll be dealing with through April 25th. Questioning your worth, your skill set, your abilities, and feeling insecure about how much you mean to others will be quite common through Wednesday. There is beautiful energy too, like the amazing Pisces party between Venus, Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, and event the Mid-Heaven which illuminates our destiny (what we're really good at). So how does this spiritual, encouraging energy in Pisces work with the challenging aspects around it? Quite well. Because when you doubt yourself is when you find God. And that's what this energy is about. Finding faith. Figuring out what you're capable of even when you're feeling lost, defeated, down-and-out. The cosmos offers further support in the Brilliant energy of Mercury and Uranus in Taurus (accompanying the North Node) to make our minds clear enough to find the solutions, malleable enough to be creative, and brave enough to make changes to our habits even though we're walking on shaky legs. This week, don't expect to feel confident, but do expect to feel compelled forward anyway. It's intuition and psyche that is informing us now, and through those things we find faith again, both in God and ourselves.

Much love to you all - Enjoy the videos!


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