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Weekly Astrology Forecast for Oct. 17th - 23rd, 2021

Are you ready for this? All the coming together this week is like an epic finish in the sky. We’re running toward each other like the dramatic ending of a rom-com. This week is super charged with passion and compassion, so expressing your feelings for someone and an opportunity to connect is what this week is all about. We’ve been so internal this whole year, rebuilding from the inside. This is the first time we get to try something out with someone else. It’s the perfect week for flirting and connecting, and also apologizing. It’s also a perfect week for confronting our self loathing and allowing ourselves to believe that we don’t have to be perfect to deserve love, happiness and success. Our insecurities become clear through the imperfections we are pointing out in others. It’s a point of contention, but also connection. None of us are perfect, so we shouldn’t expect it from ourselves or from others. We are all just wounded children, trying to learn a better way. This week will provide beautiful opportunities for healing and connecting on a soul level.

Sunday Oct 17th ( for some ) Jupiter goes direct

Jupiter goes direct and now our optimism and happiness return to external tethers. We can project our faith forwards, having solidified our faith and concreted our resolve in our own connection to God. We’ve done the internal work, now it’s time to move forward. Sagittarians everywhere will benefit from this energy shift, happy to once look to the future. With Pluto still challenging the Sun and Mars (riding neck n neck) we’re determined to push forward and assert ourselves, perhaps over reaching if not for Jupiter’s helpful aspects, Soothing our souls and guiding us not only through ego, but through faith. Venus is undergoing a wonderful understanding of what is best for her, and communication coming in will clarify a great deal and help us make good choices to move forward in love or finances. Change is coming, helped along by Uranus but now we’re in a strong position backed by clear information and what experience has taught us. The moon and Neptune are adding a sensitive and dreamy air to Mars, making us extra sensitive and romantic. The best use of this energy is creativity. Allow your imagination to inspire projects etc. it will also make us understanding and more empathetic. Anything that we’re ashamed of, this is a great time to confront in and apologize for it.

MANTRA: My way is clear. I move forward with compassion and love. I am compassion, I am love.

Monday Oct 18th - Jupiter and Mercury direct

The moon is in Aries so be prepared for defensiveness and reactive responses. Our emotions may get the best of our heads today, as Chiron and the Aries moon both challenge Mercury. We are quick to not allow the same mistake twice today, as we attempt to remedy a mistake from our past. It looks like we’re gonna jump at the chance to talk to somebody today, hoping to change the trajectory of things. It’s possible this will work for us today as all the aspects favor a tender heart that opens us up to compassionate and caring communication. This could be, for some, a baby making day, as it’s bringing out a maternal side that also happens to be very physical and passionate. We are driven to not make the same mistake twice and to repair a decision gone wrong in the past. Now that Mercury is direct, we can take this time to patch up the mistakes we may have made during the past month or so. This is a great day to reach out to someone you’ve been thinking about and rekindle connections, if that is desired.

MANTRA: I am now. My past informs me, but it does not define me. I move forward in strength, love, and faith

Tuesday Oct. 19th

We’re likely to confront a great deal of doubt and shame today, in the face of something we’d thought we’d escaped. There is a situation that needs deeper attention, with regards to relationships. Venus and the South Node are opposite Lilith. There is no where to run. Any secrets kept have to be exposed. This will create significant pain but also opportunity for growth. The moon is opposite Mercury and Mars, making our emotions an impediment to our progress and our ability to think clearly about things. This is an emotionally reactive day with the likely hood of lots of landmines going off. Best to be prepared. But there is so little we can do to prepare. Today is a very good day to hold strong to the lessons we’ve learned over the past four weeks, by confronting our inner fears and those darker aspects of our character they may have brought us shame. We are now asked to stand in solidarity with ourselves, shadow and light together. This will take a great deal of courage but we will have it! Jupiter is still offering us an open heart and unconditional connection with spirit. It’s with this strength that changes is actually made. And things will change today. Many tower moments that liberate us from ever hating ourselves again.

MANTRA: I serve unconditional love. I proceed by faith through difficulties and the unknown. My heart is connected to the divine. I am courage.

Wednesday Oct. 20th

Full moon in Aries is directly opposite the sun and Mars. What pent up emotions are you releasing today? Frustration, fear? Expect that people will pop off at the slightest things, especially concerning their independence and identity. There could be strong sensitivities about a romance that you perceive isn’t happening fast enough or money that hasn’t come in as expected. Check those expectations. They are the key to your issues. The full moon is asking us to release what doesn’t serve are progress and our anesthesia selves. Those aspects of yourself that you planted in the Aries New moon should be ripe for harvest now. Things have been building over the past six months, and they are ready to explode. These explosions will happen all day today, releasing any lasting impediments to fully accepting yourself. The conflicts today between who we are by ourselves and those ambitions we have, and our partnerships with others and their role in our lives will clash today. Any aspects of ourselves that are getting in the way of our being able to be a good partner are being taken care of today. The ways that we punish ourselves and restrict ourselves from love are what we have to face now. How have we set the bar so high we have no hope of reaching it? For those trying to avoid partnership or a relationship, you can run but you can’t hide any longer. We have to allow ourselves to be vulnerable. We will be laid bare today in this bold, raw energy that insists on not repeating the mistakes from the past.

MANTRA: I am progress. I am courage. I move forward in faith toward my highest self, and welcome the help of others.

Thursday Oct. 21st

Ohhhh The moon is in Taurus. (Exhale). This stability brings clarity to our brains. We become openly dreamy and able to broaden our minds to encourage change. The way forward becomes clear because we’re clever enough to see the way, or design the roadway! Today we can build Bridges and figure things easily. The ideas are flowing and so are the answers to the pressing issues that have stumped us. It’s wisdom that’s given us these answers. Healing is huge today. We can heal ourselves and others. This is the day that our lives change. We can see other ways forward and are given new chances in life. Connecting and communication with others is a huge part of this process. Where we can effectively communicate any misconceptions we’ve had, which will help to heal relationships or clarify circumstances to set the stage for forgiveness. Either way, now we can move forward away from our self-defeating thoughts and ideas. We are settling our misconceptions with outbursts that lead to revelations. Who we pretended to be or thought we had to be in order to be loved is exposed for the dumb idea that it was. It’s only our true selves that lead to real connections. We see clearly now how our own low-self esteem has harmed our development. Especially when it comes to love. Are you ready to be loved for who you ARE, and not who feel you have to be?

MANTRA: I am seen. This is me. Authenticity is my beauty. I am truth.

Friday Oct. 22nd (for some) Sun enters Scorpio

This is a beautiful day for breakthroughs. Yes. It’s an emotional and slightly irrational day, and there will be a lot of ourselves to confront, but it leads to exceptional new thoughts and desires to push forward despite our pasts. The challenges of the future are starting to look good compared to another bought with the same old bullshit. If your relationship isn’t balanced, it will destabilize today. Confronting our own dark side with be the biggest challenge for most of us. Seeing how our ugly still fits into our lives. The good news is we are so forward focused today, our brains a pliable and we want to listen to other with an open heart. We can figure how change is going to figure in to our lives. The beautiful opposition between Mercury and Chiron is asking us to analyze our own brains. Have we been judging or making decisions from a place of suffering, perhaps projecting what we don’t like about ourselves on others? The oppositions between Venus and Lilith and the South Node and the moon are setting the stage for us to heal karmic pain from a lack of love or love that was toxic. Be gentle with others and yourself today. We are all just wounded children. And, even if it doesn’t feel right, give people the benefit of your compassion. We may be tempted to fall back too much on protocol and traditional rights and wrongs today, setting ourselves up for disappointments when everything doesn’t go “by the book”. Please throw the book away today and let your heart guid your mind to make decisions not from a place of fear but enlightenment. At the very least today will provide an opportunity for us to work out some insecurities.

MANTRA: Universe, I know you love me. I am loved unconditionally. I am unconditional love.

Saturday Oct. 23rd

Sun in Scorpio Moon head in to Gemini

Are you ready to face your insecurities? Those feelings of not being good enough, not looking good enough, not being smart or pretty enough. Enough for what, or whom!? What’s the benchmark for comparison? This is the day when we are able to set a new trajectory for ourselves by daring to believe differently about ourselves. Remember, it is NOT how you look that makes someone fall in love with you, but how you make them feel. The challenge today will be to believe in your value even when you’re feeling down on yourself. But think of it this way, have you ever looked at someone you loved on a bad hair day, or after they didn’t get a job, or failed a test, or got in a car wreck, or WHATEVER, and thought “YUK! I don’t love them anymore!” No. Because that’s not they way love works. They loved you and what that does is form a kind of bank that they’ve deposited in. So in moments like these you can draw in that bank and help them out when they need it. When we love others, it makes them stronger. And it’s the most deepest expression of love to allow them to be strong for you sometimes. LET OTHETS MAKE THEIR IWN DECISIONS ABOUT YOU! Stop teaching them that they should hate you the way you hate yourself! They are trying to show you that there is more to you than you are able to see! BELIEVE the compliments you receive today! And be BOLD and love with your whole heart. If you’re interested in something or someone, SHOW IT! Don’t hold back because of your insecurities. The truth is, you really don’t have it all figured out! And that’s the best thing that could happen to you now!

MANTRA: Love. With my whole heart I have faith in the love I receive from others. I open myself to perspectives outside my own, and learn through the eyes of others, what I could not see for myself.


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