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Weekly Astrology Forecast Oct 10 - 16th KARMIC TURN OF EVENTS

Weekly Astrology Forecast Oct 10 - 16th KARMIC TURN OF EVENTS

WOW. This week is beautiful. For all the truths and information that have been buried are risen and undeniable. The beauty of this week is the relief that all the clarity will bring. We finally see what has been churning beneath the surface. What has been mistakenly looked over will be seen, and hopefully we’ll know just what to do with it. Really this is a week of second chances (not to be confused with Exs). An energy boost to help us along with the difficult questions we couldn’t figure out. It is a week to open yourself to new experiences and finally clear out what has been plaguing your mind. Jupiter is helping us along, giving confidence boosters to the Sun and Mars so we’re encouraged to be self-motivated. Nothing’s as bad as staying stuck one more day, or forcing yourself into someone else’s image of you. You can be certain this is the week right before the magical arrow of progress is released. Get right with and ready yourself.

Sunday October 10 - Saturn goes direct

Saturn goes direct, Chiron has finally released its grip on the Sun and Mars which are now aligned with the moon AND Jupiter to bring beautiful confidence and energy to your convictions and relationships. It’s a great day to meet new people, participate in competitions as a part of social activity and go after what it is you want. It’s a sensual time when sexual drive will be high and the likely hood of deepening your relationship by adding more heat will be likely. With Mercury still in retrograde this could include texts, calls, etc from a past interest, or the motivation to finally make that move on who, or what it is you want and haven’t been able to get off your mind. The key here is WE FINALLY HAVE MOVEMENT! And the shifts that are happening because Pluto and now Saturn are both direct means that we really must start taking action and conducting this energy in the direction we’d like to flow. With Chiron now opposite Mercury retrograde the lack of ability to communicate in the past and the possible failures it caused is pushing us to not make that same mistake again. Today will be that day you speak up and take chances inspired by not wanting to miss out on opportunities again. Venus especially is feeling regretful and pushing on this confidence to make it take action in some areas of a personal nature. A shift in our mind set or new interests entering the picture will help tremendously. With Venus sextile Saturn, our standards are high and we’re willing to take our time to perfect the right romance and grow our money slowly.

MANTRA: I am, I have, I can, I do. I trust my strength, having survived the tests I understand now that I am worth the happiness I desire

Monday October 11

We’re definitely looking forward now, unafraid of hard work, with the energy and confidence to engage in long term progress. North node frustrations are caused by all the details that seem to be coming at us, but we have the patience to deal with them. Reality is always more difficult than dreams, and ideals only work as inspiration not as expectations. So a mental shift is required now to sober us up as we enter this new adventure. The moon in Capricorn, where it is in detriment, gives an unemotional and austere regard for the complexities of our future so even though our mind may be inundated, our emotions are cool and rational. This helps, except with finances or changes to our finances which will be frustrating and in some cases fear inducing. This could also serve as inspiration to prepare us to do what it takes to improve our own situation. This is that day where you’ll take the job you need just for the money, but there will be long term growth behind the decision. It’s a “do what you gotta do” kind of day and that’s fine as long as you stay focused on that long term goal and remember that this is only a stepping stone, a means to an end. With Pluto now square the sun, we’re pushed to make changes that are necessary to align with our deepest desires. But be warned! This aspect is also a way of making you face your need for control! And major conflicts and pain can come from those areas in your life where you cling most deeply to control. Power conflicts with authority figures especially. Pluto will do whatever is necessary to get you to understand why you need control so badly, and the more resistant you are, the deeper the wounds will be. Allow the truth to surface about those issues that left you so insistent on controlling certain situations (abuse, trauma, addiction). All of these will come to face you now, so that once you confront them, you’ll be capable of channeling this energy into hard work. This aspect lasts about a week and a half, so be patient with yourself, and honest with your intentions.

MANTRA: What is my truth? These fears that drive me are indicators of pain. I see them. I listen to them. I allow them to teach me and accept their push to change. I am change.

Tuesday October 12, 2021

There are many universal exposures of how we’ve undermined ourselves with social media and digital technology. Shame on you! Is a big theme today. Things we can’t hide from. Watch out for those DMs getting read by someone you wanted to hide them from. Also, we could be exposing our “hidden” selves online thinking we’re safe, and we’re not. Mistakes will trip up the shadows and force them into the light. With Pluto square to the sun, it maybe the desire to control our public image that challenges us the most, especially with all the hidden aspects of ourselves coming up. We’re happy to slow ourselves down and raise our standards with money and love because we’ve learned the hard way that rushing things puts us in bad situations. We’re content now to wait for the correct opportunity or to move at a steady, consistent pace. We want to evolve into a better version of ourselves, which means making decisions based our North Node energy. With the moon in Capricorn square to the Sun, Mercury, and Mars expect to be taking a lot out on your significant other or your relationships in general. Maybe because they are your safe space. Still it’s not ok to hurt someone. This is hot energy based on a deep rooted disappointment with yourself and with things. Honor these emotions by allowing them to surface and acknowledge the frustration for what it is. You aren’t where or who you want to be right now. That doesn’t give you the right to make others your punching bag or vice versa. The best way to use this frustration is to put it to work for you, and get into your body. Punch an ACTUAL punching bag! And filter it into focus on what you want to change about yourself and your surroundings. Be honest with yourself. It will relieve the frustration. With the moon's trines to Lilith and Uranus, these feelings are the catalyst for change right now. This is what is going to get you to change your life and your choices. Watch out for being especially combative today and try to be compassionate if others are to you. Step away from explosive situations and count to ten before you left anything come out of your mouth.

MANTRA: (Breathe. Keep breathing until tension is relieved. Meditation is recommended today). Patience. Slow down. I have more time than my fears are telling me I have. I am patience. I am truth. I am progress.

Wednesday Oct. 13

There is so much crap from our past relationships coming out now!!! Venus is riding the South Node like it’s a race horse! What this means is that our relationships and/or financial situations are stirring up alot of Karmic shit for us right now and we have to face it. It will cause anger and frustration and we’ll pop off alot at others until we realize that the anger is really all about ourselves. This will require so much patience in relationships right now. Maybe go to therapy together. Any relationships that withstand this must really be committed to each other. Our hot headedness is what will ruin things for us now. With Pluto square the Sun and Mars for the next week and a half, we destroy ourselves through our impulsivity and lack of self control. Have you become more controlling toward others and lately? That’s because you’re avoiding what is within. Don’t project this frustration outwardly or you’ll really mess things up. These tough aspects started yesterday and will continue through next week so be wary of people’s reactions, which may seem like OVER reactions. The beautiful Jupiter aspects on Mars and the Sun (with Neptune helping along) brings a deep connection with your God space. The purpose you’re here on Earth for, and faith lighting up your heart and your imagination. Creativity is the best use for this energy now. Don’t cry about it, write, draw, perform, skate, race, swim or anything else that gets you into a creative mindset. Allow your imagination to go unchained today, not on the real world, but to create a new world. It’s a great day to begin new lessons or class work.

MANTRA: I am connected. I have faith in my dreams. I decide the future by creating it.

Thursday October 14

Wow. Beautiful breakthroughs today. Because we’re aligned with our selves through our wisdom and experience. Pain has taught us how to fly. Today is a wonderful day to break into new things and discover interests you didn’t know you had. It’s a wonderful day to ask for things that you normally wouldn’t have had the confidence for. Confidence is strong today. And because it’s matched with a beautiful dose of humility, this is a beautiful energy for life in general. The openness that both Jupiter and Neptune are bringing to the sun makes this day the day magic can actually happen. In its gentle way, it will guide your heart to its most exquisite possibilities. Today everything will “feel right”. Use this energy wisely. Trust the guidance of your heart. You don’t have to plan today, you have to follow that vibration your heart is singing. A great deal of clarity for your future and what turn to take next will come from this energy. New beginnings in right directions.

MANTRA: Universe, lead me where you will. Heart and soul I follow in faith. Align me with the bright path. Match my soul's shine with the light ahead.

Friday October 15th

Well, today is a day of insistence. Expect that you will feel compelled to make changes, most especially to who you are spending your time with. We are tired of the same old results, and we want changes. So we’re going out looking for them. Prepare to feel a little kinky, and for impulsive behavior to grip you. Whatever upsets, or arguments, they won’t last long. TGIF. Because this energy is actually a great way to kick off a fantastic weekend! It’s fun, playful, rash, brash, and not too responsible. It’s a time where risks will seem fun again. It’s a great day to make great memories. We’re still changing the relationship game, so this energy is helping us to take chances on new interests to spice things up or see what works for us. Wether single or attached you’ll be willing to taste new pleasures in this energy. It’s the time after the storm when our focus has turned to the future, instead of the mess left behind. We really don’t want to be stuck in the same routines and, with the moon in Aquarius and square the moon, we’re not too thrilled with what is expected of us. A rebellious next few days where new friends and fun could serve up just the divergence we need will be good for our souls and our imaginations!

MANTRA: Yes! I am will, I can, I do, I am. I welcome new experiences and change

Saturday October 16th

The sensuality deepens. Could this be the morning after that stays for breakfast? Where have the repressed sides of ourselves lead us? Mercury and Jupiter are just two days from coming out of retrograde. What kind of illumination will the tail-ends of their reflection offer us? Curiosity and deep longing to indulge in it. Acting out of turn is the point now. Because the way you’ve always done things is exactly what we DON'T want. What have we learned from all those losses? All those times we were looked over, didn’t win, or were left behind? We learned how badly that sucked! Playing by the rules hasn’t worked. It’s time for energy. To catapult us into a new place in our world. This energy could see the debut of new stars, break through performances, surprise successes. You can expect that miscommunications from the past will be revealed today, hopefully to realign you with what actually will make you happy. Ultimately it’s usually what we don’t say that sets us back more than what we do say. It’s simply that regret is stronger than embarrassment or failure! The moon is square both nodes now, and it’s not so keen on all its regrets or it’s boredom. It’s time we check in on our progress. Saturn's trine with Mercury in retrograde will make sure we finally get the truth so we can move on with our lives and grow up. This could also be part of the inspiration for why we’re so confident, or diving into new things now. We learned the hard way that waiting too long or holding on to false hopes does us no good. But if there were obstacles in the way of something that IS meant for you, the path is completely cleared today. Saturn only clears what has been earned. The more you’ve struggled and haven’t given up the more you stand to gain, as long as it was the right struggle. Did you listen, learn, and develop yourself like you were asked? The good boys and girls will be rewarded today.

MANTRA: I accept my fate. I accept the truth. I look to it with courage and fortitude, ready to use this information to improve my situation.

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