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Astrology for May 15 - 21, 2022

The full moon in Scorpio has gotten big things underway. It may take some time but I guarantee that we’ll have some news surface on it come Scorpio season. Pluto is clearing out any liars, especially in business (it’s in Capricorn). And sometimes the best way to expose someone is to make them think they’ve won. There are major changes to financial institutions now, and the business done in the dark is unearthing itself. As far as we go, this is just a push of faith. We have to keep up our hard work so we’re in the right place a year from now to revive some good news (as long as we’re not the ones contributing to the shady business). Saturn will square the sun again this week and that is a good thing. We’ll be very hard on ourselves now, but this will contribute to the push of ethics in the business world. We won’t want to take the easy way out. So, here we are, and over all the week should be smooth and status quo but we will feel the changes underway. We’ll start to behave differently, as if we were coming at things with more fortitude and certainty. And there in lies the stage, set for changing scenery.


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