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Astrology Forecast for this week! Dec. 20th, Capricorn Season

Sunday 20th

The day right before the great conjunction and the winter solstice (shortest day of our year in the Northern Hemisphere) the moon is in PISCES in square to North Node and South Node... CONFUSION. Making decisions that are important is NOT recommended.

Venus and mars are in conflict with Mars in Aries.

This could be a combustible combo, led by confusion caused by Neptune, crossing our poles and making us not realize that we're as confused as we are, impeding our ability to make wise choices. Venus is favorable to Uranus so there could be too many distractions in love right now, too many options but none that really impress us. PLUTO is square to Mars amping up our volatility and this could be bad because of Mars' position to Chiron and Mercury's effect on Uranus - over confidence in our ideas. Hang back today. Don't be daring or risky.

Monday 21st -

Solstice, Great Conjunction, Ursids meteor shower. Also, SUN enters CAPRICORN - a time to get things done.

Astronomically speaking it's a beautiful night with two special events happening so, for stargazers, watchers can look up just after sunset and see the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn or the Christmas star! After that, keep your eyes peeled for meteors. They'll be falling all night long.

The planets are bum-rushing the South Node and with Uranus trine to the Sun conjunct Mercury, people will be making the same old decisions for different reasons, and considering themselves geniuses for it. Any decisions made now will be rescinded or have to be changed in a couple of months, so don't decide anything important right now. But do make that wish on the Christmas star! 🌟

Saturn in AQUARIUS is now sextile to the moon in Aries, making us extra aware of behaviors that could get us into trouble. Jumping to extremes is probable now, as well as being obstinate about our reasons for doing so. Lie low. It's holiday week. Take some time off and chill.

Squares between Chiron and the Moon and the Sun and Mercury make us really volatile and likely to say things or think things that are reactionary and emotional. Self destructive behavior is easy right now.

Tuesday 22nd

Lot of trines, but with everything wrong. Combinations that will encourage us to act irrationally, emotionally, and egotistical. Hmmmm.... let's make merry and be willing to compromise. We're were gonna eat too much sugar and argue about the movies we watch anyway. Watch out for spiked eggnog and kissing all the wrong people

Wednesday 23rd

Pluto is still in CAPRICORN for the next 2 years, so expect that unethical and weak institutions will crumble.

Saturn and Jupiter will make these determinations with much broader and community minded eyes now. With Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn square to Mars and the Moon in Aries, we're gonna need to meditate hard to keep our actions under control. Some spontaneous social uprising may occur.

Thursday 24th

The moon is finally in Taurus where it feels safe and happy. Emotions will settle now, and creature comforts as well as over spending will be common. Watch your budget for those last minute presents, especially if the moon is prominent in your chart. It will bring you merriment now, but lots of debt later. Still as we enter Christmas eve, were feeling more secure and happy. Try to be close to home, cuddled in a big blanket, resting near a fire place and delicious meals.

Mars in Aries is trine to Venus in SAGITTARIUS expect ALOT of mistletoe action.

Friday the 25th

We'll be inclined to want to DO things and BE WITH PEOPLE and not think about things or talk to people. Words won't be enough for us now. Melancholy. Also, "shut up and Kiss me" mode. With Pluto in Cap trine moon in Taurus, you'll feel solid surrounded by old recipes and traditional family dishes. Nostalgia.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday the 26th

You may get some good news or a surprising message on this day.

There is a Happy-little-triangle between Chiron, Saturn and the Moon.... Karmic. Pain caused by you mother or early in your life is confronted, talked about. A necessary apology?

There is a Harsh square between Venus and Neptune and the Nodes and Neptune... Venus is right on top of the South node - our past lives.

This is the day when past love, or our dreams of past love ( Neptune is related to the 12th house of mysteries ). Something very personal stirs on this day. A past love getting in the way of a new one, or this is the day you realize how your past experiences have Influenced your decisions in love. Once again, we're making the same poor choices but this time catch ourselves and that could lead to self-realization and an important lesson that will help us change how we make decisions in the future.

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