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Astrology Forecast May 30 - June 5th - No Turning Back

There's no turning back now. We don't want to. The events from the past month, the past two weeks have upended all the buried mess we tried to hide. And now, we're finally able to sort it out. With Venus being relieved of her square to Pluto and Mercury going direct, the Sun is the final pressure point for Pluto this week. We're forced to face ourselves, the difficulties we'd wanted to pretend away, and through doing so, complete our preparation to move on. This is the week when the final puzzle pieces are put into place and what we see before us is a clear map of the way forward. We've waited so long for this. The way is clear now. With hard earned strength and an incredible renewal of courage (Mars conjunct Aries), we're ready to move forward, and wouldn't even think of turning back.


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