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New Moon in Cancer, July 21st, 2020 The Long Game

(Image via The Soul Medic)

The New Moon in Cancer is fast approaching. I can’t believe it’s already mid-July! This year has been eaten away by pandemics and protests, quarantine and police brutality, all keeping us from loving and enjoying each other. We are NOT each other’s enemies. We are here to love and teach each other how to be the best of ourselves. With that in mind we approach this New Moon in Cancer on July 21st. The sun and the moon are aligned. Both in the Sign of Cancer, that means our Id and our Ego are in agreement, most especially when it comes to where our home is, what it looks like, and (perhaps most importantly) what it FEELS like. We know where we belong and how we want things to be. The issue is that the harmony between ourselves and our destiny and obligations to others is a bit dissonant. We are so sure of what we want and have so much confidence in our right to it (which is a good thing) that we may not be stopping to think if we're ready for it. Yes, we absolutely deserve this, but do we deserve it RIGHT NOW?

The best strategy for this New Moon is to step back from our enthusiasm and quickly assess our COMPETENCY levels, not just our confidence. Confidence is not the issue during this time. Rather, it is whether or not we really have obtained the level of proficiency we think we have. Yes, we are sure we want to live in THIS city and in THIS house, but does my current bank account and salary agree with me? And the major challenge here is to not let the gap between our perception and our reality discourage our confidence! We may not have the millions we need now, but with the beautiful belief we have in ourselves we can get closer to it. We can stay on the path we now are so certain of, realizing that we don’t need the instantaneous gratification of getting things RIGHT NOW. Instead we are sure WE WILL get them, because we are certain WE DO deserve them. If you really believe in yourself, you're not in a rush for validation. This is a time of faith. It's a time to believe in yourself so much, you're okay with this being a long game (with Saturn going back into Capricorn, that's just the way father Kronos likes things). Enjoy the harmony of being certain in your direction, while being open to lessons still left for you to learn. That's the combination that will make us into the people we are meant to be.

Peace, love, and blessing to you on this New Moon in Cancer.

Michelle, BwoB

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