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Pluto's big shift - Pluto's transit into Aquarius 2024 and what it means for you

Updated: Jan 19

Pluto's big shift - Pluto's transit into Aquarius 2024 and what it means for you - This transit will make and impact. Not just personally, but globally. Pluto does not transit lightly. Last year when Pluto dipped its toe into Aquarius for a couple of months may have provided an preview for those that were watching closely, but it's this year that the changes will really begin to take form.

Pluto will move into Aquarius on January 21, 2024, just days before the Full Moon in Leo happens on January 25th. That's right, no sooner does Pluto transit into Aquarius than a full moon is opposing it. This could represent a pretty moody ruler who isn't happy about a shift in power. But the power has shifted and it's going to change things. Fundamentally that's what Aquarius energy is all about - Change. Or rather, innovation. This is change with an ingenuitive twist - innovations we haven't seen before that will ultimate change how we organize large groups of people like communities and countries. As Pluto transits into Aquarius it is conjunct the sun and trine to Jupiter - two more aspects that beg our attention. The trine to Jupiter provides an optimistic edge - with Jupiter in Taurus it may provide an innovative way to expand the resources we already have. Conjunct the Sun creates an observable power to this energy - it's happening in the light - and opposing the moon in Leo that could represent shady leadership. The Sun conjunct Pluto is a magnanimous energy, irresistible and magnetic. It's an aspect that bares the question - Who holds the power here? The Sun in Aquarius shines on the many. The crown is worn by the collective. With the a self-centered moon in Leo - a very immature and selfish energy - may become rattled and retreat even further into the shadows. But the full moon is about release, and so any toxic need for attention won't be able to contend with indisputable rulership of Sun conjunct Pluto. But being that it is a return of sorts, a return of Pluto after 220 years being away from Aquarius, it could be a universal check point- how far have we really come from rule by the few? Is the power really in the hands of the people as we had intended? It's easy to argue - NO - it really isn't. Though it's more difficult to see now because the kings no longer have titles anymore ( but that doesn't mean they don't have privileges ). They hide behind money, banks, and investments in technology - ownership of patents that should be in the hands of the scientists that invented them. They call themselves "businessmen" and dress in simple, humble, $10,000 suits and outwardly they don't look anywhere near as indulgent as the bejeweled crowns of the days of old. But that doesn't mean they are any different. And this first movement by Pluto into Aquarius conjunct the sun will spotlight that dynamic.

If you want to know how this transit is going to affect you personally throughout 2024, watch the video above. I go into great detail - providing exact dates of importance for specific people (Aquarius, Leo - Gemini, Libra - Aries, Sagittarius). Everybody should watch. Remember it's not just your natal suns that will be impacted. Feel free to schedule a personal reading with me if you'd like a personal breakdown of Pluto's impact on your chart.

Much love to you all,



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