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Weekly Astrology Forecast February 19 -25, 2023 ENDING FAMILY CURSES

It's lovely to begin a week with a new moon. But a new moon in Pisces? That's a DEEP CLEAN! Pisces is where the zodiac wheel ends. After this is the NEW, the FRESH, the BEGINNING. And from the mysterious depths of the 12th house we are reborn. This is where the deep clean happens to give us an empty chalice to fill over the next year. What will you put in? It's time to choose wisely. And we'll be able to this time around.

The zodiac is helping us this week. This New Moon in Pisces on Monday 2/19 is also conjunct to Saturn meaning this is a deep cleanse from mother and father stuff. The crud from your experiences as a child, as well as the bad lessons you learn from family Karma, are now yours to release. For the first time, maybe ever, YOU are creating you, and you are wise enough to understand the mistakes from the past so you do not repeast them. You could clear out family curses or generational karma that has followed you like a sneaky shadow. Now, you see it, embrace it, and choose differently. You've never felt so light. Free of obligation to live a life you don't want just because you were raised to think that's all there was.

Within an hour of this complete new moon, 2:06 a.m. EST, Venus drops into Aries - the birth canal . That's what I call all transits between Pisces and Aries, because by the time they've traveled through Pisces, they've made a full round of the zodiac. Traveling into Aries means rebirth, washed clean by the fire of the first house. A fresh start, but with the wisdom of your past experiences. This is a beautiful time for money and value, a time for Venus - in detriment - to carefully access her old ways of doing things and be done with what she's cared around too long. Venus is very physical in Aries, attracted to the tangible, the challenging, and the arousing. She will be motivated to dive into financial ventures and tenatlized by phsical interactions. If you're single, maybe you'll meet someone dancing or in a cycling club - it's physicality that will speak to our hearts and hormones now. And as for finances, it's time to burn. What hasn't worked is over and you'll have the energy to head into something new. Try it. Do it. Activate. Now is the time for something beautiful to be forged. Venus gets a bit of a bump from her sextile to Pluto - that means extreme change. It could also mean obsession, but with this energy maybe that's what we need to not take no for an answer. Imagine if baby's had a choice to stop mid-birth because it was too scary or difficult! This is the birthing process. Obsessed with completion. It WILL happen! There's nothing so powerful as the rebuild Venus will go through now. She's tired of playing nice. She's about to go all in. Taurus and Libra, don't be surprised if you're feeling more virile than usual. But Tuesday will be an especially intense day.

Mercury and Mars are trine all week and Mercury and Uranus are square all week. That's means motivation to implement a change, make a different choice, or fix things that we've just figured out. We have information and experience that we haven't had before and this time around we're going to get the job done. We'll be jumping at the bit for a new chance. Like a child in school that shouts out the answer because they can't wait to prove they've understood the assignment this time around. It was the failure of the past or the feeling of missed opportunity that makes us so ready to not hesitate this time around.

If your natal sun is 25-30 degrees Pisces or 0 - 5 degrees Aries this New Moon will be especially powerful for you.

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