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Weekly Astrology Forecast for October 23 - 30, 2022 New Moon - Permanent Change

It's time you shed that old skin. You've know it for a while. So it won't come as a surprise to you at all. But it's still scary to walk over that threshold. It's exciting too. This week the intensity of your old skin will cause so much discomfort you're willing to do anything to change. And change you will. It's not like you want to go back anyway. That's an old world with the wrong perspective. It's an even older world that you're getting back in touch with. This week, Venus, the Sun, and Mercury, three very important inner planets that impact our day-to-day, the way we see ourselves, our waking world, will plummet into Scorpio - a world of total darkness. And there they will rediscover gems that have been buried for too long. The dirt that has suppressed it just won't work anymore. It has to go. Time to blow off the dust on the truth. Uranus will make sure of it. We've got amnesia (our society). It's this memory loss we'll be awoken from this week. The relief of finally waking from the dream, of seeing those things we've been feeling for so long. The happiness and joy we'll feel when all our risks have been validated. This is a beautiful couple of weeks open up before us. That culminates this week with a New Moon and lunar eclipse on October 25th that falls in opposition to Uranus. Change and Uranus and Change and eclipses. Both are present for this New Moon in Scorpio, so you can expect that the changes will be big and permanent. Ones that we'll never be able to come back from, but in a good way. In a way we've just discovered the path we've been lost from for many years. It's a rebirth of our soul. Especially with both Neptune and Jupiter, back in Pisces on October 27th, quicunx to the South Node in Scorpio, and the Sun conjunct Venus in Scorpio. When Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces it will bring back the memory of the connection to God that we've buried, that we decided wasn't real enough to take seriously anymore. But thanks to Uranus, our understanding of reality is about so change. So, perhaps for the first time in a long time, Science and Math will catch a glimpse of God in their measurements.

Enjoy this life changing week. Leave your comments about the energies you're experiencing all around you. Much love and, I'll see you in the videos.


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