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Weekly Astrology Forecast for Sept. 4 - 10th, 2022

“You really can have it all! You just can’t have it all all at once”. Place your faith in those single steps, one after the other. Remember, through faith, you’ll know that everything that has to get down will get done. You don’t have to handle all the things that WILL come flying at you this week all at once.

It's okay! Take time for yourself. Empower yourself with the right to prioritize tasks. Virgo energy is all around us now - the Sun and Venus are in Virgo and Mercury will retrograde opposite Jupiter for the next few weeks! Please understand this: too often Virgo energy goes unnoticed and under appreciated. Because it is quiet, and steady, and we so often undervalue those aspects of life. But let one little thing go wrong, one step in the process fail and your appreciation will come back. This week, take time to see the beauty in the “little” things. The things so many of us consider boring! And if you feel you often go unnoticed then know this: they might not notice you, but they notice what you do. And when you’re not there to do it, they’ll realize just how important it is. Whatever it is. Virgo beauty is INSIDE you, in your actions, not OUTSIDE you, in aesthetics. So, taking time for yourself to work in those projects that are most important to you will help in two ways - one, to get things done and make you happy with yourself, and two - by reminding others just how important you are. Love you guys and I’ll see you in the videos.

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