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Weekly Astrology Forecast July 11th - 17th Butterfly Birth - your REBirth Day

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Weekly Astrology Forecast July 11th - 17th Butterfly Birth - your REBirth Day

Awaken from your cocoon. The stress of the past two months of changes, challenges, and set backs finally breaks and you’ll feel the freedom. This week is your rebirth day. When you're finally over what you were and everybody else is too. All those things people used to think of you and all those things and people who don’t have any place in your life are forgotten. The past is over. Like a caterpillar in a cocoon, you’ve been broken down and reformed yourself from the bits and pieces. Your will has created this new you. Venus and Mars are finally liberated from the restrictions of Saturn, doing his due diligence to make damn sure they were ready before he cut them loose. This is the energy when children become adults by proving themselves to their elders. That could be metaphoric or literal, because all of this is happening in Cancer, the house of your first home, your beginnings. After this week, things that used to matter so much to you, that you thought you’d never let go of, are over with and you’re glad about it. Because you’re really ready now. By the end of the week, you may be able to take your first flight. This is the summer of your adulthood, not your youth. You don’t want the same things anymore. You’re even able to reckon with the past to put it behind you. For those of you that have seen little progress for major effort, the breakthroughs happen now. You’re willingness to accept your beauty BECAUSE of your imperfections has other people seeing you in a whole new light.

Sunday July 11th

Major breakthroughs are here because Mars and Venus are finally free of Saturn's tethers and restrictions, Mercury is out of Gemini into Cancer (not the strongest position for it but at least it’s new energy), and the moon has moved into Leo along with Venus and Mars. This is a very emotional, passionate time and there is nothing stopping the loveliness. Romance can be free here, and with the moon in Leo with Mars and Venus so close to one another, we will all desire attention and know what we want. We’ll be adoring and passionate about the ones we have. Moon in Leo energy is difficult because it’s so demanding, attention is necessary for its self awareness, so get ready to want to step out and show yourself off. Preening is expected. Saturn's opposition to the moon may be making us hold back what we want for reasons of ego, demanding we be noticed before revealing we want someone to notice us. This is the last bits of immaturity that we’ll have to burn off before the middle of the week when Mars is free of the Uranus square and we can all rest a bit easier. Because of the trines between the Sun and Neptune, and Jupiter and the moon respectively, this is a great day to appeal to someone’s sensitivities, to reveal your emotions and be respected for it, and to clearly negotiate a deal or contract using your intense psychic intuition to connect with someone’s sensibilities. It’s a lucky time! Pluto is intensifying the Sun's urge to fulfill its desires so you may not have a choice! Follow where your heart is guiding you today and be honest about your needs!

MANTRA: I am truth. This is where and who I am. I am understood, I am valued, I am luck, I am abundance.

Monday July 12th

Mars and Venus in Leo are at the same degree, total equals, but there could be some interference from Mercury in Cancer making communication difficult because of distance or passive aggressive tendencies. One of you has to make the move! Mars wants change and he wants it now, he wants something different because of the square to Uranus. The Moon and Sun are both being aided by Neptune now, so that we’re more creative and sensitive then usual. Once again, people are more sensitive and receptive to emotional conversations, especially with Mercury in Cancer. Appeal to someone’s emotional side. With Mercury in Cancer (ESPECIALLY if this is your Mercury return), you’ll know just how to appeal to someone’s emotions today to get them to agree to what you want! A lot of things from the past are coming full circle now, to see how much we’ve learned from the past. Door ways are opening for you but it may be in unexpected places. That’s the real test. Are you ready to invest in those that want to invest in you or will you stay stuck in your fantastic ideals? The thing is, when spirit intervenes it’s so much better than what you originally imagined.

MANTRA: I will go where you lead me. I am open. I am free. I am forgiven. Yes! I welcome the opportunities you offer

Tuesday July 13th

The moon is square the nodes now and so it's cosmic check in time! How far have we come and how far is there still to go? Are we following our true north? Well, the moon in Virgo is a perfect place for this check in! Virgo energy is exceptional at taking stock and placing our energy where it is most useful. Be ready to make sense of your emotions today.

All the emotions you’ll be feeling today (this is an emotional day because the moon is opposite Jupiter) will be to guide you toward progress and development. Uranus is trine to the moon making us feel the need for change, to WANT TO CHANGE! We refuse the past! Pluto opposition to the Sun makes sure that all of this PUSHING is to move forward. To assert our best selves. We’ll be extremely spiritual now due to the trine between Mercury and Jupiter (R) who is in deep thought about our best lives and knows how to ask the questions or make the decisions to get the answers we want and need. Because of the opposition between the moon in Virgo and Jupiter in Pisces, we might have a conflict of faith for a moment, “Doubting Thomas “ style where we want some proof of what we’ve believed or been investing our lives toward, but just like Thomas, these doubts will lead to a deeper respect and love of what we do, why we chose it, and how people see our commitment to that passion. How has worry kept us from seeing the beauty in something? Have we been so obsessed with following the rules that we forgot entirely about our hearts? These are all questions that will arise today. And people will ask them to you. Be honest with your answers. Don’t pull any punches. Your integrity is what will make you shine.

MANTRA: I am integrity. I define my flow. By making sense of my fears I face them. My courage is recognized.

Wednesday July 14th

A new foundation is formed with perfect harmony between Venus and Mars. Our Masculine and Feminine energies are working in sync with one another. We are creating and constructing this beautiful new foundation of our lives founded in spiritual harmony and integrity. This could be when you sign contracts to officialize your new path, home, relationship, etc. Those contracts created today will signal a beautiful start to a reliably abundance future. Long term success will come from these agreements. We are emotionally ready for what we are committing ourselves to and feel secure in our ability to sustain any commitments we make now. We could be ready for commitment for the first time in our lives, finding ourselves looking forward to signing on to this future. It’s the equal inspiration that both sides are providing for each other that makes the difference. There is a solid commonality of faith here. You’ve found who you align with and they have found you.

MANTRA: I see you. My soul sees your soul and I open myself for you to see. We know each other’s truth and combine in harmony.

Thursday July 15th

There are integral changes happening beneath the surface, within society and our selves (as above so below) the vail of Neptune has been pulled back and any person who has been hidden from you or from society will be revealed. The hidden ones are the sleepers. Those that spirit has kept safe until the world was ready for them. Theses are the hard pressed and the special. The ones that hardship has somehow made more beautiful. The diamonds among us. These people emerge now in a society that is willing to see them. Understand that your “oddities” make you beautiful. Belief in the shine of your heart will be a beacon in the night sky. We’ve done a great job (in society) putting lipstick on pigs while throwing mud at Angels. But pigs can’t shine, no matter how much glitter you put on them. Likewise, the shine of a heart can break through any amount of mud they’ve tried to plaster over it. This is atomic. The gilded mediocre get checked and the brilliant shine through. Almost like The Count of Monti Christo. But are you one of them? Well it’s broader than that. It’s the parts of you you’ve dimmed to fit in that will make you stand out today! Those natural gifts you’ve put away that people will be drawn to. It’s like the air has cleared and it’s just easier to breath when you come out of whatever closet you locked yourself in. The moon is in Libra, so we’re in the mood to be diplomatic. We’ll look to make things work with others. We’ll look to make things work within ourselves. Here is the time when we are balancing out those things about other people and ourselves that we tend to dislike.

MANTRA: As my cocoon breaks open I am healed from my past and prepared for the world I will create. I am awake. I am strong.

Friday July 16

Are you ready to love with your whole heart? There’s a deepening to connections today, ones that could be opening for you or ones that you’re currently committed to. There was an immaturity to your concept of love, perhaps selfish though you wouldn’t know it. Maybe you call it passionate? Maybe you call it caring. Whatever it is, if it’s not working you’ll start to understand why. Because love is connection, not validation, fascination, or anything else. Compassion and unconditional connection are staples of love, and there is a beautiful deepening to your ability to love purely. This day could lead you to a beautiful connection with someone. You may also be more inclined to step out of your comfort zone, driven by the memory of how you messed up in the past. This entire week has been about leaving the past behind, letting it go, it being no more. The moon is in Libra opposite Chiron - we’re confronting our relationship fuck-ups. But Chiron isn’t an enforcer or a punisher, he’s a teacher. He shoves us down to teach us not only how to get back up, but why it’s important to, and how being pushed down can lead you to loving yourself even more. Ultimately we fall in love with someone’s entirety, including their imperfections. Dare we allow someone to fall in love with ours?

MANTRA: I am love, I am light: I see your humanity and allow you to see mine. In truth, their is connection.

Saturday July 17

The moon is in Scorpio, and the world has changed. It’s still beautiful, but the romance has deepened with the sensual shadows of a Caravaggio painting. What are we remembering? What letters should we write about those people, or to those people that we’ve long walked away from. But today it’s essential to review our behavior in the past and be brave enough to confront it. It doesn’t have to be anything grand, just accountability for any unfinished issues. This is a brave time, when we can see lovers as humans and be all the more desirable for it. Think of sitting at a candlelit desk penning a note to the person you ghosted or never got to say goodbye to. This is the time to let out those ends. To finish for finishing sake regarding matters of the heart. With Venus and Mars conducting the symphony that you’re masterfully composing, we’re free to be honest about our love, our interests, and our mistakes. This is a wonderful time for falling in love. This whole week is! But TODAY is a perfect day for expressing yourself clearly and fearlessly. All of this energy is about learning our place and our importance amongst others. Today, it’s the most intimate connections that we finally understand. With a rational twist to emotional issues, we could about anything. At one point, were we loving without that loving being deserved? Today is the day we improve upon ourselves by allowing the teachings of others to sink in through honest heart-to-heart conversations.

In short, today is a really good day to say something nice to someone, especially a someone you’ve had harsh words with in the past. If you’ve hurt someone, make amends today. You might have to in order to move forward

MANTRA: I Hear you. Thank you. For the lessons you’ve allowed me to know. I am better for it. You are valued. I am value.

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