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Weekly Astrology Forecast July 4th - 10th BEING ALIVE!

So much of what we’ve gone through over the last year has been to realign our association with endings, loneliness, and grief. Spiritually we have to realign ourselves with what it means to be alive. Is being alive just a physical reality? Or is it a spiritual responsibility. As a spiritual responsibility, that means our experiences are more important than our existence. We have to LIVE, no just be alive. This week, we get served many difficult lessons. Ones that make us realize our faults and help us grow up. The mistakes we realize in ourselves help us see the humanity in others, our parents, leaders, and role models. Being perfect isn’t essential. Being alive is. That means making mistakes. That means taking risks and being wrong. That means getting hurt and heart broken and disappointed (in others and in yourself). Are you brave enough for Being alive? Because you’re about to be reborn. The end of the week is essentially a birth channel, with the new moon in Cancer on the 9th as the portal. This is the path to realizing you create your own reality, and your past doesn’t define or restrict you anymore. This isn’t a second chance. It’s the first step into your second life.

Sunday July 4th

Happy 4th of July everyone! Venus and Mars in Leo are forming their own tribes in the sky. How is your stubbornness isolating you from being loved? Or is this feeling just a result of high standards? Sometimes being alone is better than settling for what doesn’t really appreciate is. But if we don’t get out there and try, allow ourselves to mess-up and try again, judge ourselves so harshly that if we don’t get it right the first time, we must not be good at it…. Do you see where I’m going here? Our goal in this energy shouldn’t be perfection. It should be living! Allow your mistakes to teach you things. If these mistakes are made from a sincere attempt to love. Saturn is using the South Node and Chiron to teach us now, and in some cases to make us too hesitant to take a chance. But that’s really the test. To show Saturn that you’re ready TO LEARN by stepping out anyway! We always think people judge us the best when we’re polished and perfect and prepared. No. Now, it’s about who shows up to play. That’s the act of courage now. Why would you wait on the sidelines watching others play, feeling miserable and lonely and allowing your bitterness to grow like it’s their fault? It’s not their fault. But they will be seen, and they are the ones smiling, even if their sloppy and unkept. Because that’s what life is. You either live it, or you don’t. Being alive is a messy project, but isn’t that also what makes it so much fun? Especially with the moon so close to Uranus, we’re contemplating our deep emotional need for change! To get out there and interact. To try things. Think of the famous song “Being Alive” from the Broadway musical Company “You’ve got so many good reasons for NOT beings with someone but… you haven’t got one good reason for being alone!” “Don’t be afraid it won’t be perfect. The only thing to be afraid of is that it won’t BE!” “It’s all much better LIVING IT then LOOKING AT IT!” Today teaches us to not be so afraid of repeating the past we refuse to live for today! Amen to that.

MANTRA: I am ALIVE! Be Alive! Be! I choose to LIVE, out loud!

Monday July 5th

What do we learn from not going anywhere? The moon is still in Taurus, the absolute most beautiful position for it, where it’s stronger and surer of itself then at other times. Then this is the best time to challenge it. Are you afraid your feelings will get hurt? Do it during a Taurus moon. In securities got you stuck? Take the chance during a Taurus moon. It’s hearty and resilient there. And it is best at processing hurt emotions so that the pain doesn’t sink too deep. So, today, make the attempt you’ve been avoiding but haven’t been able to get your mind from, because you’re in a safe space now to recover quickly using pragmatism and practical sense. Today the Cosmos is illuminating the ways we’ve allowed our emotions to stagnant our lives, the fear of feeling is after all the fear of living. It’s a fine balance we’re contemplating now, between using what you’ve learned to make better choices and using what you’ve learned to avoid taking chances. It’s okay that’s it’s not the perfect opportunity. It’s not okay to refuse every opportunity unless it’s the “perfect” one. Think about it: have you really known what perfect is in the past? Has that rush of “yes! This is the one!” Always worked out for you. And maybe it did! But then it ended. Does that mean it wasn’t as perfect as you thought it was? No. Because eternity is not the benchmark for quality. Today, try to love and appreciate your experience as well as your new opportunities for what they are, not in comparison to anything in your past or compared to what you’ve dreamed about, but just for what it is. There. In front of you. Right now.

MANTRA: Now. Here. I have this. I am this and this is beautiful

Tuesday July 6th

Confront your past today. Yes. You may have to talk to somebody that honestly, it would have been easier to avoid. But easy and good are different things. Make the good decision today. Talk to them. Confront this issue. Are there health issues you’ve been avoiding? If so, these will surface today, not because you didn’t know about them but because you still need to do something about them. Okay. We really can’t always do things that are good for us. But we also don’t have to intentionally do things that are bad for us, and today, doing what’s bad for us will be easy, but it will also make us feel shitty. We’re too aware now of right and wrong, cosmically? Yes, but most importantly PERSONALLY. What is right for ourselves. We know the answer. Why not do it? What’s on the other side of this fear of changing for the better? Aren’t you at least curious?

MANTRA: Heal. One step at a time I walk in the direction of my higher self, born from mistakes that have been made and no longer exist. The future is uncertain, but I am certain that forward is the only way to go

Wednesday July 7th

For the next couple of days, we’re gonna feel like we’re back in Mercury retrograde, at least in terms of how our brain works and how we’re able to make decisions. Don’t sign anything through this weekend or make any legal commitments. It’s not the best time because of The conflicting aspect between Saturn and Mercury. It’s going to dig up our mind, slowing things down enough for us to not be able to put in our best performance. So, if you feel a little dogged when it comes to mental clarity you’ll understand why. With the moon and Mercury pairing up expect this day to be trying and reminiscent. You could be under the influence of swiftly changing emotions, so try to to ruminate on any one thought for too long. In conversation you may be inclined to give someone more credit than their ideas observe. It’s better to listen and not take things to heart today. The amount of pressure Mercury is under is especially intense today, so Virgos and Geminis especially this day will be a moody, trying time for you where you fell like you’re being bombarded by the opinions and ideas of others, but where communication is concerned all of us will be feeling this to some extent

MANTRA: (Meditation is recommended) Ommm. Ommm. Ommmm. (Sit in silence and focus on your breath - your brain needs silence today).

Thursday July 8th

This is an oppositional day and with the sun and Moon both in Cancer and Mercury and the Sun in bombardment from the likes of Pluto, Neptune, and Saturn, it will be very easy to get into fights especially with authority. Do not schedule a job interview or any important meetings with clients or investors, etc. to day. You are more likely to fight than to speak. Our rational is still compromised and with the sun and moon in Cancer the tides of emotions are high. This could be a day where you confront your mother about something, or family matters are addressed but be warned, it is not with a clear mind. If I had to suggest a day to stay home or lie low, it would be this day. Leo’s, Geminis, and Virgos, it’s a cluster fuck for you guys especially, with emotions and sensitivities trumping rational, the head and heart are both in turmoil. It’s like they are in overload. This is a wonderful day for creative outlets. Allow all the crazy passion to pour out creatively. Be alone in your studio with your canvas, your pen and paper, or journal like crazy. It is not the day to put yourself in harm’s way, physically. The way to best use this energy is to confront your emotions and stand up for your courage and vitality. You will have the energy today to confront an issue that you’ve formally been too intimidated by.

MANTRA: I am protected. I am connected. You are kin to me. What does not work I release with gratitude for the lessons it has taught me.

Friday July 9th

The Sun and Moon conjunct by one degree today and that means your emotions are getting burned by your desires and drive. This can be a great day to take chances in things that have otherwise frightened you. The vitality from this conjunction can help you burn away emotions that have been ruminating. With Neptune’s trines to both the Sun and Moon, while Jupiter squares them both and Pluto opposes the sun and North node, this is when we confront the delusions of grandeur or other that have held us back and burn them away. This is all happening in the ninth house, ruled by Sagittarius (where the south node is now which is significant) but where Cancer is currently. Burn away the sweeping stereotypes and the generalizations that have led you to hurt or hate others. Get rid of the old emotions towards your family that have done you no good. This is a day when family Karma burns away, and you become certain of your direction forward. You become certain of your direction as an individual instead of an extension of the whole. You realize who you are and are Cosmically allowed to be that. You give yourself permission to be exactly what you are. This is a “coming out of the closet” day of sorts. Confrontation with authority to assert yourself as an individual, and releasing fear of those consequences.

MANTRA: This is me. I am complete. Here I am, I am here, I am. I emerge as my complete self, grown and in control of my life.

Saturday July 10th

Expect powerful confrontations with your mother, about your mother, or with your children about you as a mother. This is a powerful day of confronting family Karma, mostly to leave it in the past. Chiron is very helpful here in its position to Mars and Venus, helping you to release anger and increase empathy with another (especially family member) because of how good you feel about what you have now and how far you’ve come. It’s almost like you see so clearly how good your life is that you don’t have to be angry with the people who made it difficult for you. You will see them for what they are, and it may not be pretty, but you are more inclined to feel sympathy, perhaps pity, so they no longer have power of you. You’re all good. You’re making things all good. And if your life isn’t all good, then it’s your responsibility now, not theirs. This is when we take responsibility for our own trauma or realize how stuck we are because we haven’t done so. How do we remind ourselves of our parents and how have we repeated our parents’ mistakes? This is clear today, just as seeing how we have improved our situation and how we’re going to be okay.

MANTRA: I have achieved so much. Now is the past already. My desires are my reality. I am who I’ve defined. I am a product of my choices and beliefs. I am powerful. All is well.

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