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Weekly Astrology Forecast June 20 -26, 2021 Resist Temptations!

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Weekly Astrology Forecast from June 20 - 26th

This week, use the beautiful trine between Jupiter and the Sun to remind you of your worth so you don’t feel pressured to prove yourself. You do not have to prove yourself. YOU ARE VALUE! Those temptations to prove yourself will be strong this week. But so will your connection to spirit. If you have worked hard for something, people will see that and it will be acknowledged. Your work and confidence speak for itself this week. No need to put anything on blast. Those that can resist the impulsivity brought about by ego and fear will prosper. Those that succumb might get lost or even hurt. Please know how much you are loved this week. You will be able to feel it. And feeling it will be your weapon against temptation. Your life is moving at the right pace. You do not need the turbo engine or the pedal to the metal. Real confidence is key now. Be the one in the room NOT trying to be noticed. Get lost in your own purpose and you will glow so bright, people will be drawn to your light.

Sunday June 20th

The Sun enters Cancer on the Summer Solstice! What a grand entrance to the epitome of emotional eruptions! Think BIG BANG -heated, sexy. The perfect environment for combustible relations.

Explosion in the sky and in your relationships. We’re thinking with our past brains, reacting to things that have happened already. Maybe it was pent up from a while ago. We may be projecting our past on to what is in front of us now. Our emotions are constricted because of the moon at fall position in Scorpio. We’d rather explode with anger or accusations then get in touch with our true feelings. We may take the easy road out when it comes to understanding our significant other. Instead of listening we are quick to jump to conclusions. All of this has to come out. We need this volatility. DO NOT make any important decisions regarding your money or relationships right now. You understanding is compromised by your emotional reactivity. The grand fire trine between Chiron in Aries, the South Node in Sagittarius, and Mars in Leo makes it all too easy to mess things up with an unearned certainty. But this is a great energy for getting emotions out most especially purging those thoughts that you try to deny you have. We are inspired to confront the past, which we need to do, to finish a karmic lessons. As immature as it sounds, we need the shouting match. We need it to learn to stick up for ourselves and to remind them of our boundaries. We also need it to strengthen our bonds. Most of the stuff we think we were fighting for is a bunch of bull shit, but you will adamantly defend it because you’ve accepted this as true. Jupiter goes into retrograde to make sense of the chaos and bring us back to God.

MANTRA: I exist in timelessness. Now was then, then was now, and the future is what I create from the lessons of then and the power of now

Monday June 21st

Grand Water trine between the moon in Scorpio, Venus in Cancer, and Neptune in Pisces. What have we learned from the past pain, past joy, what have we retained because it is now a part of who we are? Let us celebrate that. This is a beautiful time, Monday- the day of the moon, to bask in the waters of our psyche and commune with our divine. Talk to you experiences, even those that had caused pain, and love them. It is a beautiful day to heal. The grand fire trine between The South Node in Sagittarius, Mars is Leo, and Chiron in Aries is helping us learn and grow, turning pain into power. Mars and Venus, now in Fire and Water, cosmic opposites and divine counterparts, both bringers of life, one that carries the past, the other forging the future. This is where they meet. The sun and Venus are in Cancer and The Moon in Scorpio, this is when we understand what love is, how we are to love, what our role in that is, and how beautiful it is to be imperfect in the face of unconditional acceptance. It’s a streamy day, where those two tribes meet in the only way fire and water can, mist. Let it carry you away and ease you suffering. This is a day to heal the heart and wounds between you and others. The Sun is getting strength from the spiritual Jupiter now, just a day after his retrograde, teaching unconditional love through connection to spirit. Nothing nurtures us like spirit. Love. Let the waters flow. Sun I’m Cancer teaches us to believe in the best of someone (including ourselves) even at their worst. Interesting that I’m the USA we celebrated Father’s Day on the day the sun entered Cancer, the sign of the divine mother. Can we say TEAM WORK! That’s what’s happening today in the divine. Fire and Water, the divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine honor each other. The opposition between Mars/Saturn and Venus/Pluto is cosmic. We’ll have to eat crow over our mistakes. It may not be pleasant. This moment could also show us how we extinguished the flames of passion between each other or how we turned the flow into a boil. It’s I time of recognizing the power of our egos, and how destructive they can be. Grow. Eat crow and hate it. But grow. Learn. Heal. That’s what this moment is for. And the beauty of it is we are meant to do it side-by-side with someone, to show our vulnerability, or weakness is the most powerful expression of love right now. Saturns unique positioning to the North and South Nodes makes me certain that all of this is to balance ourselves out. To understand the past so we don’t repeat it. To review the past and inspire us to move in from it.

MANTRA: The light in me honors the light in you. We shine even in the dark. To find beauty in my ugliness, is to know compassion. Compassion leads me into unconditional love.

Tuesday June 22

Moon is opposite the North node, conjoint South Node. Face your fears. Because they will suck you in today. All based on past shit you can’t change that will send you spiraling!! Rally against it. As hard as it pulls at you PUSH THE FUCK BACK. DEFINITELY INSIST on not backing down. On facing your fears and,especially, the fears society is trying to push on us. Defy it. This is when generalizations, (south node in Sagittarius) try to bully us into not seeing VERY IMPORTANT DETAILS That reveal a TRUTH!! Defy this. Dare to dig up the details. Dare to show someone your details and force them to see your humanity. Dare to look at the details!!! Don’t be generalized or “typed” today. Make them talk to YOU, not your category!!! “SAY. MY. NAME!!” Refuse to be a number. And you will win!

It is very important today to be compassionate. Because others are struggling in the same way. Seeing this will connect you deeply to others and they will see you as well. This will take a lot of courage. That South Node is trying to make us feel hopeless and disappear into an abyss of the past. No. That isn’t who we are. Tether yourself to the here and now and reach out to the humanity in everyone. Those are the secrets to navigating this very emotional day.

MANTRA: I am seen. I am complete. I am. Say. My. Name. See me. I see you.

Wednesday June 23

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOUG DENNY! 21 years old today! You continue to inspire me! Choose a designated driver and then party hard. Thank you for being in my life. (It’s my sons birthday today).

Prepare to be an emotional mess today, with the moon misinterpreting everything people say and a grand fire trine making it way too easy to act in impulse. CHILL OUT! Breath. Ground yourself through meditation, May even exercise! Or creativity! Splatter paint with boxing gloves! How awesome would that be. Channel this emotional upset into action, not aggression!!! Use the energy for good not destruction. This is important today. Allow any conflicts to inspire your creativity. Duck and weave those bullets of self debt. Anything that helps you relax is a really good thing right now. Watch out for arguments that start over nothing. Freak accidents could occur today so please don’t do anything that pushes the envelope!! If you want to try something new, great, but DO NOT DO SOMETHING DANGEROUS TODAY! Uranus square Mars can cause sudden damage, back and spinal injuries and death. Try a new jigsaw puzzle or something. Not a new drug or extreme sport. Seriously this is important today. Acting in extremes, reacting to fear and desperation, these things could permanently damage your life/career today. So find calm. Find faith. Remember other people’s humanity, and DO NOT OVER REACT!! The moon is squaring Neptune too, so you aren’t feeling things correctly. Take a deep breath and count to five before taking any action. Best to keep yourself relaxed and away from anything that inspires volatile behavior. If you can focus on your future, and see it’s more valuable than anything you fear now, then you will prioritize making what could feel like the more difficult decision, but will definitely be the more beneficial one. It is the ideas and people that can align themselves with the high road that will survive nicely through this rather hostile transit that will last for a while, so adapt this wiser mentality as a way of life, not just something for today.

MANTRA: (Meditation is strongly recommended today) I am patience. I am calm. I am imperfect as I am and dare to ask the world to see my imperfect beauty instead of trying to impress it with my impulsivity.

Thursday June 24

Full Moon in Capricorn! Release the rush. Release the need for instantaneous gratification. It’s time to make room in your schedule for long term projects. Any long term projects started under this moon will be built to last. Better yet, this is a great time to start a long term transition, or clean-up. It is your INTUITION, not your EGO you should listen to today. Trust that small voice that says ‘this way’ instead of that loud voice that says ‘this will get their attention!’ It’s better to listen now then to jump and make sure you understand things in detail before diving in to them. DO NOT DIVE HEAD FIRST literally or figuratively right now. In personal situations the energy is supportive and could experience changes to your personal life now that are exciting. Once again, trust your intuition. Owning your responsibilities and maturity will help you now. Lead by example, even if it leads to isolation. You really do inspire people, even if you don’t realize it. Trust in your purpose and keep moving forward. This is imperative now. You can heal past disappointments by leading through example! Now is the time when you will stand out and shine. So, avoiding pettiness and impulsivity, and focusing on happiness, and long-term goals ( DONT RUSH) is the secret to success right now.

MANTRA: ( Breath in and out. Breath in again and exhale “Om”. Repeat as needed) I am divine. I have purpose. I choose my pace through FAITH not fear. I choose my purpose through LOVE not loneliness.

Friday June 25th

Be careful not to compromise your standards to be loved or excepted. Or to get the job. NOPE! If that means you loose an opportunity, let it go. You most maintain the highest of standards today and others will rise to meet you. We could be in a rush to get things done, get those bills paid or get that raise. Why? Breath. It’s so important to stay your course now and allow everything else to fall to the wayside. Neptune is still fogging up Mars, which could push you to make decisions you aren’t ready to make. Stop. Why? Ask yourself these questions! Have these conversations with yourself. And take naps. Seriously. Let your psyche work out the conflicts through dreams. Rest. And reflect. Rethink! Remember that Mercury is still in shadow trying to get its forward momentum back. So just wait, okay!? This is how Saturn is sifting out the weak ones. Those that can be pushed are not strong enough. Those that can have faith and keep their steady pace are actually setting the pace for others. FYI. Also, you can inspire others with your conviction, but you can’t make them come along with you. Don’t try to be the hero by flinging yourself of your course to go keep an asshole company. Their bad decisions may disappoint you, but don’t let them HURT you by deciding to go along! In summary, STICK TO YOUR CONVICTIONS! If your constancy doesn’t inspire people, they aren’t strong enough to be beside you.

MANTRA: I am sure. I am consistent. I am connected. I stay my course and trust my talents.

Saturday June 26th

Drama in love today! Expect emotionally reactive moods, and even fights. We want to move forward now in our connections to others and this may be the moment of truth that we need. Friends and their input could be the worst thing for us at this time, when all we need is honest conversations with the one we love. Be wary of too much interference from friends or your social group or even societal pressures. Does it make you happy? Do you love them? We’ll, then give them a chance! If you can’t trust each other you can’t really have a relationship now can you? This goes for many things, friendships too. But a lot of this is on love right now because of Venus and Mars. It’s also a great time to tune up your own Yin/Yang. Work to balance out your opposite aspects. This internal work will help a great deal in dealing with others. You can’t harmonize if your own instrument is out of tune. It may be difficult, because social pressure is at the forefront today, but trusting in love is really the answer. Give it a chance. With Mars sextile the North Node THIS IS THE TEST NOW! Learning how to balance your sense of self with how you fit into the crowd, why you can provide for yourself with what you need from others. Are you asking for help or are you asking for approval? Think about it before you ask for advice today

MANTRA: I believe. I trust. I am stronger than I give myself credit for.


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