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Weekly Astrology Forecast Nov. 27 - Dec. 3, 2022 Frustration

This week is going to prove to be pretty frustrating. The primary aspect causing this frustration is Mars opposite Venus conjunct mercury in the beginning of the week and throughout the week Mars opposite the sun. Additionally, Neptune square to Venus and Mars. There are a few other aspects that are making this a tense week. The quincunx between Jupiter and the south node as well as the semi-squares between Jupiter and Uranus. The issues have been caused from mistakes we’ve made in the past that we have to go back and correct. These mistakes are predominantly in how we have valued ourselves or what we have placed value on, because those choices were not really the most valuable, practical, or even correct. This week is going to ask us to take a look back and see what we’ve rushed into because we didn't have patience to grow with quality. Where have we settled for the sake of change? These won’t be game changers, but they will be frustrating because they will make us pause, stall, or slow our momentum down. When it comes to love and relationships especially. What solutions did we rush into because the tension was too intense and we didn’t want to deal with it? How have we deceived ourselves or undervalued ourselves or somebody else simply to avoid a fight? Did we speak too quickly and overpromise when it comes to some thing that we don’t feel that comfortable with? It will be issues like this. We could also find that we have overspent our budget or over promised in terms of spending. The sun will also form a semi square to Pluto, which creates a very stubborn energy. An energy that can be ruthless. It’s so intent on itself, and it’s purpose that it doesn’t see the opportunities around it. It is our own lack of flexibility and foresight as well as a lack of open mindedness that are causing these issues. So the call for all of us this week is to learn the importance of open mindedness, improvisation, and mental dexterity. Our set of standards themselves has to be re-checked. We have thought we’re aiming high but that’s just based on social norms. Have we really kept up the actual standards of whatever thing we’re focused on or whatever situation we’re in? Quality after all is not found in popularity it’s found in integrity. The energy could also play out in this way: we realize that we’ve made decisions based on falsehoods, delusions, or false hopes, and in doing so gotten ourselves into a situation or into commitments that we either weren't prepared for or don’t really want. We could realize that we’re not as proud of things as we want to be, or that they don’t function to the capacity that they should. Therefore, it becomes a time to review and to fix any of these missteps. It is not the greatest week for getting into a new love affair or for making any large purchases as our standards will be compromised. This will be a great week for recognizing where standards have been compromised and creating a plan or a strategy to fix things


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